Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Goodmorning everyone! Just a note about nailpolish!

My favourite OPI Nailpolish is Conga-Line Coral, from the South Beach range:

I treated myself to a (bloody expensive) manicure a few weeks (okay like 2 months) ago at a Beauty Salon in Hunters Hill, Sydney and fell in love with its rich orange-rose colour. GORGEOUS! And it made me look so tanned haha.
Well the other day I was in S.A. Hair and Beauty (45 Market Street, Level 7) buying these.....

haha, for a fashion shoot (that never happened grr) and I went along to the huge range of Nailpolish (they stock mainly OPI and Creative Nail Design) looking for my fave coral shade, but couldn't find it (so bummed). So I found a similar coral colour in the Creative Nail Design, it's called Gypsy-A-Go-Go (#330), and took it home.

(worst pic quality ever- but its the only one i could find!)

It wasn't until yesterday until I finally had some time to paint my nails. I'd heard somewhere that CDN Nailpolish takes ages to dry... well they're not wrong. I did 3 extremely thin coats of it... and i reckon it's still not dry haha. Oh well, the colour is still lovely though (but not as good as OPI).

As you may know, I'm a sucker for anything Chanel, so I bought these as well, for my ring fingers, or anything really haha. Love it.

Whats your favourite nail colour form OPI or CND?


  1. I love the Chanel decals! That's too bad the Creative didn't dry. I've heard others say that as well, but I've not had a problem with the ones I have.

  2. Your lucky then! What colours do you have?


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